The Winner of American Idol, Season 6, is Announced Early

OK, major spoiler alert.

Watching the American Idol announcement tonight about the next four voted off, I could help but feel somehow detached from each exit. Why? Because the winner of Season 6 has already been announced… by Jim Ambach.

Yes, Jim has a blog on eBay, and he posted yesterday his grand prediction: Melinda (not Melissa) Doolittle.

Well, we’ll see. Jim’s American Idol skills may be a bit rusty from the 2.5 years he recently spent living in Switzerland. I haven’t placed my bets for this season, yet, but I will tell you that the size of Melissa’s head does freak me out a little.

Since we’re on the topic of American Idol tonight, can someone please explain to me who is voting for Sanjaya, and why? Please comment.

Jim, if you are out there, please explain.

Update (5/21/2007):  Well, it’s obvious now that Jim was wrong in 2007.  Clearly all that time in Switzerland has affected his read of the American voter.  The final episode is tonight, and it’s hard to believe that Jordin won’t be crowned the winner for Season 6… that is, unless Melissa’s votes somehow make their way to Blake (unlikely).

9 thoughts on “The Winner of American Idol, Season 6, is Announced Early

  1. Okay, it’s *Melinda* Doolittle, not Melissa. You both get Bronx cheers for that mistake.

    And it’s not that her head is so big, it’s that she has practically no neck! How does she have such a big voice with no neck?

    She’s definitely my favorite, and if I had to pick an eventual winner at this stage in the season, I too would pick her. Her rendition of “My Funny Valentine” this week was wonderful.

  2. Adam – first, thanks for letting me know eBay has blogs – that is huge 🙂 (I still remember the deck from 2003, but that’s for another day). When the heck did they launch? And Jim’s blog – well, that’s a treasure for sure!

    And come on – you have to know who’s voting for Sanjaya!! The entire contingent of desis – both FOBs and ABCDs who view Sanjaya as their proxy. Plus all the teenage girls who thing he’s hot.

  3. Shri,

    I thought eBay had a lot of acronyms, but I’m not sure I know what an FOB or ABCD is. I had to look it up on Google, and it took some work since I kept getting the definition for key fobs and for staging system for prostate cancer.

    I can certainly understand the teenage girls voting for him as their proxy, however…

  4. Yes, I know you’d have to look it up. That’s part of the fun 🙂 But just so you don’t have it wrong, those two words are part of Indian (Desi) lingo for Fresh Of the Boat and American Born Confused Desi (those who arrive here and those who are born here).

    Anyway, it clear to any rational person that he’s not in the same league as some of the others. I’m sure he’ll be kicked off next week – unless we have underestimated his popularity,

  5. Didn’t Ryan Seacrest say on the first voting night that Sanjaya was the #4 top vote getter for the men in the first round? This could take a while.

    I think you should do a blog post on more cool Indian lingo.

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  8. I loved the top 5 American idol group song last night. It was a pity to see Aaron Kelly eliminated however I think the other singers were better singers hence he had to go!

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