Microsoft Acquires TellMe

The big news today – the rumors are true.

Microsoft acquires TellMe

Congratulations to GS & JS, and the rest of the TellMe team. No financial details were disclosed, but rumors are for a price around $800 million. The company raised over $230M in capital, and employs 320 people (approximately).

There is a nice write-up on the acquisition from Don Dodge.

Here is a funny piece from Jason Steinhorn’s blog on the Microsoft “rumor” from a few weeks ago…

The lady doth protest too much, methinks
— William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Acquires TellMe

  1. I remember a lot of WebTV alumni going over to TellMe. I really hope they’ve all cashed in enough by now that being acquired by Microsoft a second time won’t be as traumatic as it was last time.

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