Betting Odds on Winner of American Idol, Season 6

BuddyTV has a great article handicapping odds for the winner of American Idol, based on their betting community. Since I posted Jim’s prediction here previously, only fair to post this list as well.

  1. Melinda Doolittle. 1.24:1
  2. Lakisha Jones. 3.4:1
  3. Blake Lewis. 9:1
  4. Chris Sligh. 11:1
  5. Jordin Sparks. 14:1

More detail here. It seems like this would be a perfect place for a futures market – I wonder if someone has already set one up, like the markets set up for the 2008 presidential race, etc.

Now that I know about the whole “Vote for the Worst” campaign online, my big question is really how far can they take Sanjaya? How far will the American Idol team allow it to go? How can they fix it?

UpdateSimon says he’ll quit if Sanjaya wins American Idol…

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