Battlestar Galactica: Final Five Spoilers (Season 3 Finale)

Interest on my blog is off the charts for Battlestar Galactica lately, so I just had to put a post up as we count down the next five days until the season three finale.

First, if you are not caught up, a couple posts you should read:

  1. My post on the Death of Starbuck. (this is currently the most viewed post on my blog)
  2. This great summary of the Crossroads, Part 1 episode from this Sunday, March 17th.

Now, onto the spoilers. If you don’t want to know what’s going to happen, or more accurately, what I think is going to happen, then stop reading already. No one is forcing you.

Most of my good material is from BuddyTV, which has the best spoilers post on the season finale that I’ve been able to find.

First, Starbuck. She is not dead. Rumors abound that attempt to prove that she is not dead. Current spoiler sites are saying that she will be back in the season finale, claiming to have visited Earth, and ready to guide the fleet to the planet.

Second, who are the final five cylons? Here is a quick shout out to Elliot, who seems to have correctly commented that Anders, Tory, Tigh, and Tyrol are all Cylons… or are they? The spoiler just says that they are hearing the music, and they meet and decide that they think they are Cylons. But does that make sense?

To me, it would make more sense if they actually were not Cylons, but have been tampered with somehow to “hear the music”. Thus, like Baltar before them, they think they are Cylons, but actually aren’t.

It’s also possible that some are, and some aren’t. Tigh would be hard to explain, given his long history with Adama. After all, the war with the mechanical Cylons was only 40 years ago. They didn’t have humanoid models back then.

Anders, on the other hand, is easy to see as a Cylon. First, Starbuck just “found” him as a rebel on Caprica. Second, all of Starbuck’s hallucination about being married to a Cylon could reflect a subconscious realization that actually her husband was a Cylon. Tory is also easy to see.

Personally, I will be disappointed if the Final Five Cylons end up being just other individuals on the crew. I think the show has set up a very interesting question with the Final Five:

  • Why don’t the other Cylons want to speak about them? Did the Final Five leave because they disagreed with the path taken by the other Cylons? Did they do something unspeakable?
  • Are there many versions of the Final Five? Are they functionally like the other seven, or do they have special abilities? Are they more human? Do they resurrect?
  • Why did Number 3 react the Final Five the way she did? She clearly had see the one she apologized to before.

Lastly, what is up with the virtual Baltar in Caprica Six’s head, and the virtual Six in Baltar’s head?

Very excited for the season finale, but I hope they don’t short-change these issues with a “quick fix”.

Please comment below – let’s use the next few days to assemble as many guesses as possible about the finale and Season 4. We’ll then see who’s right after March 24th.

Update (3/26/2006): See my final post on the Season Finale and the Wait for 2008, now available.

Update (1/8/2007): Possible spoilers for the fifth & last cylon, as we approach Season 4.

Update (4/22/2008): New post on Episode 3 of the 4th Season: Ties That Bind.

59 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica: Final Five Spoilers (Season 3 Finale)

  1. I read the spoilers at BuddyTV. They sound credible – in fact, it kinda sounds like they got an advanced screening or something…. In any case, the scenarios from Jon Lachonis would make a satisfying end to another great season of BSG.

    Personally, I will advance the following possibility for next season: Baltar and Caprica Six are both the original humans who created each other as cylon-immortals. I’m guessing the Caprica Six spotted by then-Secretary Roslin at the “Mall” on Caprica – just before the Cylon attack that destroyed civilization – was the original, and our original Baltar is in fact a Cylon clone created after the real Baltar’s death prior to the first reel.


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  4. Adam,

    Unreal. I randomly came across your blog when I searched for “Final Five Cylons.” You should tell your friends when you start blogging!

    I hesitate to even guess who the final five will turn out to be. I just know it will be a looooong offseason.

  5. I suspect that they will find an Earth populated with billions of humans (the 13th colony), maybe even _us_ in the 21st century. And the hybrid baby gives a clue that Cylons and humans will find peace together. I also suspect that the “Final Five” are not ALL Cylons but are five beings, human AND Cylon controlled by the God(s) to bring both to Earth and to bring a final and lasting peace between the Cylons and humans.

  6. 1. I’m not sure that all four of those who happened to be hearing a (remixed) Hendrix song are Cylons. I vote for Tyrol and Anders but not Tigh and Tory. I have no proof to back that up, only random speculation based upon which door they chose to walk out of after they had to get back to their jobs. Plus, who would really care if Tory was a Cylon?

    2. Not excited about the return of now-ethereal Starbuck. Kill her or don’t, but make a decision. And seriously, the actress pissed and moaned about being in a love triangle with Anders and Lee? OK, fine, hire me as the love scene double. I’d be perfectly happy as the Galactica skank. Hell, throw in Helo, I’ll work for free.

    3. No new episodes until Jan 08? What am I supposed to watch?

  7. very nice. this is the first i’ve looked at any conjecture as to the final five. i tend to agree with the notion that they are not just members of the crew nor characters with whom we are too familiar, but might perhaps be human – possibly descendants/reincarnations/creations of the very fathers/creators of the technology which spawned the cylons in the first place. baltar is certainly no normal human given the bizarre relationship/connection he has with caprica. and starbuck still has some great fate to fulfill. the president is certainly no cylon, yet she has visions, so the music heard by tigh and anders doesn’t mean they’re cylons. but if we assume that starbuck is a cylon, and i used to assume that ellen was as well, then it could be that a long-term physical/mental connection (re: baltar) with a cylon causes changes in the human psyche/physiology. perhaps… anyway, hope these loose threads are all tightly woven into a solid and satisfying finale…

  8. just seen the finale episode 3×20
    Starbuck is indeed alive and she said she was on earth
    Next the final 5 cylons find out they are cylons upon arrival into the nebula and yes they are all on the galactica ship

  9. sorry 4 not 5 so they keep oe secret

    and the 4 are:

    president Roslin’s assistant lady dunno her name
    one-eyed XO
    starbuck’s husband
    our Chief of Engineers Tyrie

  10. This sucks, i dont wanna wait till 2008….

    very very very [repeat as needed] good episode however, very surprising

  11. Here’s my theory, let me know if there is something that conflicts it.

    First, keep in mind that both the Cylons and the humans have a group of 5 they revere, The Final Five and The Five Lords of Kobol. The show also keeps repeating that this has all happened before and will all happen again.

    I think Ty, Tyrol, Anders, Tory, and probably Starbuck are the Five Cylons/Lords of Kobol. Which are Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Athena, and Ares. (3 men, 2 women also)

    To spin this out more … I think Earth was the original planet (the use of the easily recognizable All Along the Watchtower only makes sense as a hint at where modern Earth fits in the BSG timeline) and that humans had to leave it for a new home (maybe they lost a war with machines). When the remains of humanity settled on Kobol, in the distant past, they were ruled and protected by 5 Cylons Lords. Later humanity left Kobol to start the 12 colonies, eventually reinventing Cylons. The Cylons rebeled, left, and in exile discovered or were discovered by the 5 Cylon Lords. And that’s about where the show starts.

    And here’s my guess at who is who …
    Tyrol = Zeus
    Ty = Ares
    Starbuck = Athena
    Tory = Hera
    Anders = Apollo

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  13. I think that starbuck will guide the fleet to earth in 2008. They will find earth backwards, and divided. When they land at the US Capital they will be arrested for being Illegal aliens (no Green card) They will have to go to Cuba and wait for a military tribunal to determine if they are terrorists or not. In the mean time metal will make alot of money selling plastic models of the alien ship. Lee Adama will escape from cuba and get car jacked in New Jersey by the mob

  14. Don’t know about all you BSG fans but I’m a bit stagered by the last season 3 episode.Not only did it not make ends meet but it also puzzled the hole mess even more then it already was.And to make things even more unbearable,

    Why?Maybe Mr. Moore enjoys making us feel utter and shear torment waiting about a year and who knows how much more until they make a season 5 to link up with season 3.That is of course unless everything is made clear by showing what happened 50 years prior to the cylon wars.Which is preatty hard to bealive but then again…Mr. Moore is the only person to know if that is how things will be.

    Still I wound have liked this final episode to end in a different way!It just left me with a huge emptiness in my hart and now I have to wait a hole frakking year to fill it up.Now that is a bit inhuman…cylon like…maybe Ronald D. Moore is a Cylon!The fith of the FINAL FIVE!:))

  15. What if …. What if the fifth cylon is Helo? That would change the entire dynamics of the Cylon future. If Helo and Athena themselves turn out to be Cylon hybrids, then the baby would be the first Cylon who wasn’t cloned. And if this were possible that would mean the Cylons would be capable of the same physical variances the humans have. That would mean that there would be an infinite number of potential Cylon model – indistiguishable from the Humans.

  16. Didn’t #3 try and kill Anders on Caprica at one point? If he is one of the final 5, maybe that’s why she apologized in that clip…

    I like Mark’s list of the final 5:

    Tyrol = Zeus
    Ty = Ares
    Starbuck = Athena
    Tory = Hera
    Anders = Apollo

    Seems like Starbuck can’t fall for anyone but an Apollo…

  17. Suck! Worst season finally ever. BSG is going out the airlock of my tv viewing. There are not too few characters to relate to now. Starbuck is dead, or a ghost–whatever, Apollo is a weenie, and the strongest characters they have are now skin jobs. I really liked these guys. I thought they where picking up radio signals from earth, but no– it turns out that Cylons are Dylan fans? lame lame lame…. I am done.

  18. The Final 5 are Cylon Human Hybrids.

    It’s a game.

    “this has all happened before and will all happen again.”

    Everyone is a cylon.

    It’s like a battle simulation that’s ebing played over and over again….only some of the characters are aware of it….

    Like Zelda or Everquest.

  19. As long as we’re speculating – I will advance the notion that Starbuck will indeed lead the fleet to earth and that final 5 cylons (hybrids, I’d wager) will rule earth for a time, but are “destined” to become the stuff of Greek religious beliefs and legend. (If true, it also begs the question: who are the Titans?)

    Also, if Apollo is Apollo, and Starbuck is Athena, then maybe the OLD Kara Thrace really is dead, and only here cylon replacement is now living. So, when they get to earth, Apollo will finally get it on with the reincarnated Kara, thus practically bringing the arrow of Apollo to the tomb of Athena. And they they will spawn a new generation of human-cylon hybrids.

    I’m coming to the conclusion that BSG is a subtle investigation of transhumanism….

  20. Just a question here: if Tyrol is an alleged cylon or cylon hybrid of the final five as is suggested, how do we account for his marriage and subsequent child with Kelly? It seems the cylons were having a terrible time getting someone pregnant. This would also make Sharon and Helo’s child no longer unique? Find it hard to believe so much emphasis on this unique being, the first cylon human baby, and chief and kelly made another one right under the radar? Doesn’t add up from a plot point perspective. Thoughts?

  21. I was just thinking the same thing as Luis. They’re all making a big deal about Hera. But now Tyrol’s baby is the second. I think these kids are going to be the future of humanity, both races are going to mix. That’s how the war is going to end.

  22. So what version was that in the finale, during the scenes where the Raptors/Vipers are leaving Galactica?

  23. One more thing, though that doesn’t quite add up is that Baltar did a Cylon detection test in the 1st season anyway. Surely it would have shown if Tyrol had any trace of Cylon in him? Btw, maybe this is half cocked as I’m only half way through season 3! lol!!

  24. Those 5 aren’t cylons.

    Baltar’s Cylon Detector worked…he knew about Sharon but didn’t tell her.

    It’s a game.

  25. The four ‘cylons’ revealed in the season 3 finale are essentially four of the final five. Whether or not they are controlled or in league with the other seven remains to be seen. In Ronald Moore’s podcast, he says they are part of the final four. I believe there is probably some sort of cylon civil war in progress, but that’s just me.

  26. I’d like to think the writers of BSG actually sat down and worked out a deeply philosophical non-magical/non-supernatural scifi story and then went about creating it.
    More likely they just made it up as they went.

    I think we will be let down like we where in Matrix Revolutions. WTF Neo has real world supernatural powers.
    “The Thirteenth floor” got it right ,virtual reality within virtual reality that had you questioning the reality of the real world.

    What I’d like to see.
    The Earth is an Earth of the far future.

    There is some kind of time loop going on caused by some super intelligence machine/human that bootstrapped on earth and is searching for a meaning to existence.

    By bootstrapped I mean a machine/human that designs and builds/grows a more intelligent machine/human. That machine/human then does the same. The whole process iterates to the limits of what is possible.

    I’d prefer that Starbuck had died and was within range of a reincarnation center on Earth. Everyone is some form of “Cylon” designed as an experiment into the meaning of existence.

  27. DISCLAIMER: OK, so these are my thoughts on Battlestar and they pool alot of abstract information. You’ll think it makes sense, or you’ll think its crap. Basically, I’d I think its how Hannibal Lecter would have analyzed Battlestar.

    So, there is one theme an action Cylons and Humans have done for moral and independent reasons: (i.) kill each other (ii.) protect the “new generation” of God’s children.

    Also, this show runs on heavily on these four components: (i.) parallelisms (e.g. Season 1; asking the question: Are you alive? e.g. Season 1 & 2; And you ask why? (in regards to fighting)

    (ii.) existential crisis: We’re all trying to figure out who and what we are. Being “human” and being “alive” are two different things.

    (ii.) God is the biggest character on the show although he never makes an appearance

    So, in RAZR, we see the Cylons experimenting and trying to become human. Why? Well they are trying to fullfill God’s commandments and bring and create a new type of cylon. What is important here is that cylons have also “played God” the way the humans did and therefore hints that the “next generation” will not be loyal to their parents (humans and cylons), as the cylons were disloyal to humans and as humans were disloyal to “God.” Furthermore, their attempts at making the Next Generation were unsuccessful because of the limitations of their technology and the fact they aren’t really alive, but merely conscious (there’s a difference, think Ghost in the Shell).

    To this end, they are trying to bring about the “Next Generation” by attempting to make human/cylon hybrids. Athena and Helo’s child is “the first” of God’s new generation (she is female). Furthermore, Tyrol and Callie have a child as well (a male.) This will form the basis of God’s new generation as secrecy and security is paramount for both (The new Adam and Eve).

    But when we look at RAZR, we have to ask ourselves: Didn’t, and shouldn’t have the Cylons tried/done this with humans already? We now see that Col. Tye was a Cylon, and now it seems very plausible that the human models came into existence at the conclusion of the Cylon Wars and that in the mayhem during the closing the war some of the models may have been lost or separated.

    In this context, we can see Kara as a product of an attempt to make human/cylon hybrids and this is why she is so important and special (Note: In RAZR flashbacks, the little girl “appears” to be Starbuck). Kara is then not a true 50/50 hybrid, but a human/cylon chimera (mixture of both, mostly human). Likewise, the hybrids (funny they’re cylons and there called that) are also human/cylon hybrids (mostly cylon). They seem to represent an intermediate step between humans and the human model cylons (Note: These hybrids “commune” with God and RAZR shows there is male hybrid. So, hybrids aren’t models they’re full 50/50 hybrids. The ultimate and artifical amalgation of opposites).

    But back to the original topic – the cylon chimera characters. What are they, and how do we define them. Well I think it breaks down to two elements: (i.) chimeras can “commune”; (ii.) and chimeras don’t reproduce (this makes sense because of the definition of chimera [think of seedless grapes. They are hybrids made by grafting cutting and putting them in plant growth hormone).

    What do we see characterizes these cylon “chimera” characters (Baltar, Kara, Rosalin)? Cheifly, its a special ability to communicate. Baltar and Angel//Delusion/Six commune in a plane of thought. Likewise, Caprica Siz and Angel/Baltar Commune. As do, Caprica Six, Sharon (Athena), and President Rosalind commune at the Opera House and feel they must protect Hera. BTW, you ask how is Roslaind a chimera? Well, it becomes obvious that Rosalind becomes a chimera when Baltar injects her with Hera’s fetal blood. It cured her cancer and altered her physiology. Also it may also “transformed” her. For that reason, the president becomes linked and capable of “communing” as well.

    Also, the same relationship exists with Karen/Leo Oben. (There actually might be 2 Lee Oben’s. The one in real-life, and the one in her visions in Malestrom. The vision Lee Oben would then be an entity that acts in the same manner as Angel Sx/Baltar and Angel Baltar/ Caprica Six. Also, in that episode, the vision Lee Oben says something along the lines that he’s not really a cylon and that he’s come bring her to the next step).

    So, one of the points of the entire show is not going to be the seperation of paths between human and cylon. Its going to be their unification. The concept of the Next Generation demonstrates this, as well as the fact the cylons and humans can get along and can trust each other (Sharon, Tyrol, Tye, Tory, are going to show this.

    I also believe the final five are going to be important in bringing this peace about. Given this, it is also theoretically possible that the Final Five were built in as a “moral failsafe” and stop the cylons if the cylons are ethically flawed. Meaning, they were put to give a cylon perspective to the human actions and condition at high decision making parts of society (Tye, Tory) as well as the working class (Tyrol) to truly gauge if the cylons were acting in a moral and just way. The transmissions from earth (or a recording of them) the “All Along the Watch Tower” indicate that the transmission comes from earth. They also hint that they are from the “Opera House” on Earth as this melody begins the next chapter in the Battlestar Saga and coincides with the “communion” of Rosalind, Caprica Six, and Athena.

  28. It is intresting to note that the 4 that could hear the music could have had a prior relationship with cylons and created some type of link or shared consiousness with the cylons (much like six and Baltar). Ty with his wife Ellen (which miraculously recovered, and aided the cylons on New Caprica), Anders with Starbuck, I think she is a reincarnated cylon (razor mentions her are the bringer of death). Chief engineer Tyrol with Sharon, and Finally the Assistant to the president. How often have the cylons hooked up with people that were well connected. I could be totally wrong but there is evidence that cylon – human relationships do allow some type of bonding as with Baltar and Six, and Six and Baltar. Helo might be hearing it as well but might be to busy or he is choosing to ignore it. I wonder if that when they find earth that neither cylon nor human, will be well accepted. For some reason this tribe went its own way, and wanted nothing to do with them. Would be cool to see a earth vs. cylons vs. colonial fleet fight. But we will all see what happens soon.

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  30. My opinion is:

    Mythology: not just greek. Because: “The eye of Jupiter”, Jupiter is the highest god in the Roman mythology, like Zeus in the greek myth. And baltar is just like Jesus in the catholic religion.

    The last cylon:
    The last cylon is Lampkin. But it’s a little bit complicated.
    Because i think everybody is cylon. The story of the battlestar has happened a long time ago, and humanity has been completely wiped out since then.But the cylons mind had been changed a lot since then, and for some reason they play the story of the battlestar from time to time to remember their creators. The humans were created memories, with adama and the other man and woman of the original crew of the battlestar.
    “All this has happened before, and will happen again!”

    If I would guess to god’s:
    Adama – Jupiter/Zeus
    Number six – Aphrodite
    Roslin – Hera
    Tyrol – Dionusos
    Tigh – Mars/Hades
    Kara – Athena

  31. sorry ive just caught up with the end of final series but i suspected tyrol “chief” must have been a cylon – theres two things…
    first where he is in holding cell with boomer in series 1 (i think) where a drip of blood dropped from both characters in the same manner was focussed on… we knew that boomer was one but that was a sign that tyrol was one also…
    secondly the way the chief stroked the captured cylon ship was another hint… (forgive my memory but hope you know what points i mean)…
    the starbuck one was becoming quite apparant when the symbol was focussed on, but again it was in the back of my mind the episode where she was able to fly the cylon ship…!?!!but nobody seemed to question this?
    ok tigh, torrie and anders i had no idea, but i thought billy and tighs wife and halo was one until the final five were revealed …

    and was it me or was baltar looking a lot like without sounding too blasphemous a biblical character… maybe jesus (first name “Gayus” in the ballpark of “jesus” maybe maybe not)…could roslin be Mary …probably a red herring (btw i thought this long prior to previous post…about 2nd series )

  32. Just finished the season last night … very very good, and surprising too.

    I’m having a terrible time believing Tigh (just like he said, himself, he fought both wars). The others, I could buy. However, it makes you wonder how long the Cylons have been up to this human cloning business (which Razr also brought into question).

    I definately see a lot of Jesus references in Baltar (although his first name is spelled Caius, i think). The whole Jewish parallel story is there in some semblence. ie. the 13th tribe could be compared to the tribe of Dan, which is the lost Jewish tribe to this day.

    I’m not a very good speculator though, so I’m just gonna wait and see. Season 4 is gonna be a big one, but I hope they have another movie, like Razr, too.

  33. Hmmm, I have a real problem with tigh being a skin job. As stated earlier in this forum, the war was only 40 years ago and they(the toasters) hadn’t created the ‘humanoid’ model at that point. Like him or loathe him(personally I think he is GREAT) saul is a patriot, and having him a toaster is a real shame, and i believe a blight on an otherwise awesome show.
    I just find it odd that the most gung-ho of the rebels on new caprica turn out to be cylons. Again, great show, but I gotta admit I dont like the taste of what I am being fed.

  34. Saul and Adama didn’ t meet until well after the war while working on the freighter. Therefore, all we know about him is by his words. Albeit, I think he is Cylon and did fight in the first war. The five are somehow much older or reincarnations of older souls. It’s going to be a heck of a ride.

  35. Maybe im the only one…..but isnt starbuck meant to be the 5th of the 5 as she died and then is up and flying around again?

  36. Has anyone looked at the props in the photograph? There is a tablecloth, glasses with reflections, a goblet, two books and a clipboard/pen. I’d be interested in hearing what you see in them. The glass near Adama has an image there.

    Good luck.

  37. OK. So far the 4 of the 5 Cylons are:
    Galen _Tyrol_
    _Tory_ Foster
    Saul _Tighe_
    Samuel _T_ Anders

    My money is on _Tom_ Zarek.

  38. Tigh is no Cylon. He fought in the original war. Adama would have access to his service record, and I’m sure has looked at it during the 30 years they have known each other. Matter of Fact, I’m betting that the 4 are experiencing post hypnotic suggestion to hear the music at a certain time that they step foot on the Galactica. After the rescue, the sight/sounds of the battlestar would start an internal clock. If they remained on New caprica, the countdown wouldn’t have started. Call it a cylon failsafe.

    The 5 have yet to be revealed.

    Then again…I might be wrong…but I am entitled to my own conspiracy theory…

  39. Things I find interesting about the “last supper” photo:

    1. The original “last supper” painting was done by Leonardo Da Vinci.
    2. Galen Tyrol is holding a dagger, a blade.
    3. In front of the empty spot is a chalice.
    4. Both the empty spot and Tyrol’s spot are three persons from the end.

    These observations lead me to believe that the person that will be the final cylon will be a woman because of the chalice, which represents the female divine and because Tyrol is holding the dagger, a symbol of masculinity. Further, because the hidden position is the same distance from the opposite end as Tyrol is from his end I surmise that this person will be somehow involved with Tyrol.

  40. The humans have 12 colonies. And a mythical 13’th (Earth).

    The cylons have 12 models. Could there be a mythical 13’th model cylon.

    Maybe the cylons founded the colonies. Maybe they are all cylons and just don’t know it.

  41. The final cylon is Doc. Cuddle. He was been aware the whole time and acting as an observer. He has also been protecting the identity of his cylon patients, who did not know they were cylons yet.

    Starbuck will lead the fleet to Earth, and the cylons too. The apocolypse will begin.

  42. i think that the final cylon has known all along
    the cylon has known and has kept quite being very patient.

    i think there was a big fight on kobol and the tribes split then they all ended up back on earth, when they got to earth something happened to make them go back to Kobol, then something happened to make them forget and then there’s a fight when they split and go off in colonies. full circle.

    i think the five cylons are the lords of Kobol and have lost there memory. i also think they are different from the other cylons as i think they can be born again instead of using a resurection ship.
    the final cylon could be laura roslin
    using my theory ( being reborn) i think she’s connected to Hera as Hera could be her being reborn.Hera will grow up to look like her.

    the writer’s said that there were clues of the final cylon in the first episode so i went back and watched it.
    there are clues for every1 :
    * baltar survived the nuclear bomb
    * lee hates his father ( cylon’s hate there parents -humans)
    * Laura Roslin taking charge of colonial 1
    * Geta as he is in charge of CIC and he could have sabotaged there systems
    * Adama in charge of the battlestar could poss. sabotage

    i also want to point out that it would be a rubbish ending if the final cylon was the battlestar galactica.
    the bsg is a machine not a human/cylon.

    the final cylon could be admiral adama as leoban says “adama is a cylon” and looking back he acts weird at some parts.

    i think it might be lee adama because that would tie in with what leoban said and he has a major role to play in the grand scheme of things, very influencial.

  43. i think that Laura Roslin is the final cylon because –
    * she has the visions with caprica 6 and boomer
    * she is connected to Hera
    * and i believe that Hera is going to grow up to be Laura roslin
    i think this because of the connection between hera and roslin
    i also think that admiral adama is the figure of zues therefore the wife of zeus is Hera and this would connect to Laura Roslin

  44. “dm, on May 9th, 2008 at 6:53 pm Said:

    i think that the final cylon has known all along
    the cylon has known and has kept quite being very patient….

    …the writer’s said that there were clues of the final cylon in the first episode so i went back and watched it…..”

    Let’s toss another wrench into the machinery with the Admiral from first season… Sharon shot him.. which in a sense of Leoban and the Cylon sub-programming… IF the Admiral were a Cylon.. and died from Sharon shooting him.. he would have resurrected knowing he was a Cylon. So that would be the Cylon sub-programming to locate other Cylons. And then following with 3’s response, “Oh, it’s you. I didn’t know”… there again no surprise IF it is the Admiral.

    However.. I still personally believe it is Geta. Who else has been around since the start, has access to every navigation system(location of the fleet for the Cylons), has an in depth knowledge of programming and computers, and just to put it into words for direct point, always has been up a major leader’s butt… while on Galactica, he’s always with the Admiral, on New Caprica, always at Baltar’s side, back to Galactica, still holds the same position, and with a key moment on the mission with Kara. He’s now back to Galactica and singing as the other 4 were doing prior to revelation. To Geta, this will be a real swift kick to the pants.. well a little hard now with his one leg. So for him to loose his leg, and not be a Cylon to “regain” his leg back, like Tigh loosing his eye, and being a Cylon, it’s all just a resurrection away to become complete again.

    Kera.. is another story.. I’ve seen several good possible lines for her. One I like is about the Ship of Light. They retrieved her before her Viper explodes. She has a lost sense of time, and a brand new Viper with no mileage. So as to claim her as a Cylon, unlikely and TOO obvious.

    There are many good arguments, I do not agree with some, but that’s what this show is about. Keep you on your toes, expect the unexpected, and ALWAYS wanting MORE!!

    It is a shame the series is coming to a close, but it is a good choice to do so. Just like Farscape, end the show in it’s prime before everyone starts scratching for plots.

  45. Starbuck, Saul’s Wife, and the Six are the same person. Starbuck is the younger version. And Saul’s wife is an aged model.

  46. i think the final cylon is admiral cain because-
    * when she signed on for razor she also signed on for 1 other episode
    * she was in star trek next generation which was famous for enterprise 1701d which was the ship she was on. 1701d was the number on the locker room door where the final four were overheard by cally. ronald d moore said that there r subtle hints throughout the series such as this.
    * the 12 cylons r said to b based on the 12 greek gods, matching the 11 known cylons to these(caprica 6 – aphrodite goddess of love) the one left is poisiodon the god of war. this fits 2 admiral cain’s character
    these may just b coincidents but i think she’s the final cylon

    i also think this is backed up by d’anna saying that there is only 4 of the 5 cylons in the fleet. admiral cain is dead and there for isn’t in the fleet. i think she could have been transported back 2 earth to be resurrected.

  47. If we assume that d’anna was telling the truth about the last cylon not being in the fleet, then we can eliminate pretty much every other character we’ve seen besides the President and Baltar.

    But what if it’s not a character that we’ve seen? President Adar comes to mind.

    Also, I’d bet that Baltar is ultimately going to be sacrificed by the end of the show, ala Jesus.

  48. Watching Deanna #3 asking forgiveness to the cylon like if she had did something wrong to him gave me the thought that it would be “Bulldog” Novacek. He had escaped the cylons after being held captive for years then the Galactica finds him and he tries to assassinate Adama. Who else would Deanna #3 would have had contact with and ask forgiveness to?

  49. I’m pretty sure it is Ellen Tigh. She has resurrected as a Six — the same Six that they are (were) holding captive on the ship. She heard “all along the watchtower.” Tigh has visions that she is Ellen and even slept with her. I think she was holding his hand in the final episode as they walk on the beach. Think about it.

  50. I think the unkown fith cylon is Andromus.

    Andromus was the commander of an advanced “A-B” Cylon fighter with a unique Cylon physical form: The appearance of a human, although he is still more android than a biological construct.

    Andromus’ fighter crash-lands in New York. He takes Centuri (the only other survivor of the crash; a second Cylon android perishes) on a mission to transmit a distress signal back to the Cylons.

    Very simular to the recent story and signal on starbucks fighter, which helped them find earth..

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