eBay Express Germany Trip Wrap-Up

I’m back from my trip to Berlin to visit eBay Germany.  It was a great week meeting with the teams responsible for eBay Express in the UK & DE.

I have a few more pictures that didn’t make the original post, so I thought it was worth a quick wrap-up post to capture them.  In case you missed the original, here is my first post on my trip to Berlin, and here is a second post about the eBay DE offices.

Here are a few pictures of the eBay Germany office.  Notice the volleyball court, the small pond & bridge, and the extremely large customer support building.  It was a really nice environment, and with nice weather, we were able to take a quick walk around the water after lunch each day.

DE4 DE3 DE2 

Here is an impromptu shot of the eBay Express leadership team, with the heads of the US, DE & UK sites.


Lastly, just a few quick shots from the gym at our hotel.  The Grand Hyatt in Berlin has a spa on the top floor which is apparently fairly well known.  The gym overlooks the whole city, and you look out from the room when running on the treadmills.  I took a couple shots at dusk (hence the poor focus) because the views were really great.

DE7 DE6 DE5 

Otherwise, that’s it from Berlin.  I seem to have avoided jet lag on the trip back, and got to enjoy a really great weekend with Carolyn & the boys.

I now have about 5-6 hours of absolutely crucial television to catch up on, including the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica, 24, and Rome.  The Tivo is a stern task-master.

It’s nice to be home.