John Adams Dollar Coins: First Significant Mint Error Found (Double Edge Lettering)

Well, I guess it was inevitable.

With all the press coverage and excitement around the George Washington Presidential Dollar Coin errors, you just knew that people would be all over the next dollar coin looking for problems. However, even I am a little shocked at exactly how voracious the coin collecting community has been tearing apart this new issue looking for problems.

The Coin Collecting News has some great information on what looks like the most significant error to be found on the John Adams dollar coins to date: a coin with double edge lettering.

As a reference, this article on has over a dozen possible errors documented already! I’m going to reproduce the list here, just to give you an idea of the incredible detail available already:

Adams Dollar Errors Listing (Obverse):

  • Die clash – Traces of reverse show on obverse
  • Over-abraded die – lost detail (probably to repair die clashes)
  • Over-abraded die – “Severed Head,” right side of Adams’ neck
  • Struck through grease filled die – lost numbers & words in lower legend
  • Struck through grease filled die – random spots & smears
  • Small die chips – “Warts” and “Infected President” types

Adams Dollar Errors Listing (Reverse)

  • Die clash – Traces of obverse show on reverse
  • Over-abraded die – “Severed Head,” left side of Liberty’s neck
  • Over-abraded die (New Type!) – “Blinded Liberty” shows Liberty’s right eye polished flat
  • Struck through grease filled die – random spots & smears
  • Die crack in torch (New Type!) – “Broken Torch” type has moderate die crack
  • Minor die break – “Filled S” type (One or the other S in STATES, both reported)
  • Minor die break – “Extra Curl” has small die break in Liberty’s hair between curls

Adams Dollar Edge Errors & Whole Coin Errors

  • Unburnished planchet – Planchet missed polishing & brightening step
  • Double edge lettering – Coin went through edge lettering machine twice
  • Shifted edge lettering – Edge lettering doesn’t line up properly with other coins
  • Embossed letters – Improperly called “dropped letters” – appearing on edge and surfaces

An unbelievable list for a coin that is four days old!

Hopefully I’ll be getting my first mint boxes of coin rolls soon. I’ll be selling them again on eBay, along with some unopened rolls of George Washington dollar coins.

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6 thoughts on “John Adams Dollar Coins: First Significant Mint Error Found (Double Edge Lettering)

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  2. I found what I believe is yet another type of error on the JA dollars. The metal around the “E” in “IN GOD WE TRUST” seems to have been dug out, as if the process of engraving the letter gouged the coin somehow. I would like to get this verified, but I am uncertain where to go or who to contact. If anyone knows where or who, let me know with a comment on my blog.


  3. On the John Adams $1 I have found yet another error…On the edge its suppose to say…’ In God We Trust 2007 E PLURIBUS UNIM ‘ but I have one that says…’ E PLURIBUS UNUM’ the UNUM should be UNIM…Am I correct in the spelling? And if you know the dollar amount for that mistake…On the edge and the mispelled word?
    Thank you
    Annie 🙂

  4. It is supposed to be spelled UNUM. Check more than 1 coin – all spelled the same. What you have is not mispelled.

  5. Talk about 2007 errors on both the Washington & Adams coins. I have a roll of Adams $1 (P mint) that all the coins have what seems to be a die crack in the M in America in the right vertical shaft that separates the V from the I. It is very noticeable. Also in the edge lettering of the Washington $1 the date 2007 the 7 is filled with a cud. I have 15 of these coins. I do not see these varities listed on E-bay or with dealers. Anybody else notices these issues?

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