Avenue Q Was Phenomenal at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco

It takes a lot to get me up to San Francisco.  But last night was worth it.

For our anniversary, Carolyn & I went up to the city to catch the last night of Avenue Q.  It was phenomenal.

I think it goes without saying that every musical would be better with dirty puppets.  But I honestly don’t think that five seconds went by at the musical where I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying myself.

If you haven’t seen Avenue Q, you need to find a way to see it.  It’s that funny.

As a side note, there was one unrelated, surreal experience at the Orpheum Theatre last night.  At intermission, there was literally no wait for the women’s bathrooms (there are three).  But there was  a line at least fifty guys long for the one and only men’s bathroom in the basement.  I barely made it back to the show on-time.

More that one woman commented on how strange it was to see no line for the women’s room, and this huge, wrapping line for the men’s room.  There was visible and audible snickering, and I think some form of revenge fantasy play going on.  I have to admit, I was immensely frustrated.  I guess I’m just an “equal opportunity” rather than an “equal outcome” kind of guy.

I’m sure the Orpheum was well intentioned, and  decided to alter their design to accomodate women, but they over-shot.  For all I know, maybe they’ve decided their most important customers are women, and making them happy is the top priority.

In any case, Avenue Q was phenomenal.

2 thoughts on “Avenue Q Was Phenomenal at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco

  1. Adam – I ran into your Avenue Q post and thought I’d comment. I actually was there that same evening in San Francisco. I thought the show was well-directed and acted, but it lacked something, in my opinion (I’m a trained director). For example, the actors were so well-rehearsed that they were too perfect (e.g. on cue every time). In other words, there didn’t seem to be room for stage fright on the part of the actors which often brings out the really great performances. The tall guy who played a lot of the puppets including the Porn Monster, was fabulous, however. He really put in a big effort. The other thing that bothered me was the running joke about Gary Coleman. I wonder if he’s getting paid anything for being the butt of so many jokes wherever that show plays? I thought it was a bit insensitive of the writers to lay it on so thick on Coleman: I felt embarrased for him. Meanwhile, I like the joke you made about Apple Jews. I’m one, too. Happy New Year.

    Tracy Swedlow

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