2007 “D” Rolls of James Madison Presidential $1 Dollar Coins Now Available

In case you are interested in buying original, brilliant uncirculated (BU) bank rolls of the new 2007 “D” James Madison Presidential $1 Dollar Coins, they are now up on eBay.

You can buy them here.

In case you are interested, I have rolls of all four of the 2007 Presidential Dollar Coins up on eBay, in my eBay Store, here.

2 thoughts on “2007 “D” Rolls of James Madison Presidential $1 Dollar Coins Now Available

  1. They do shine nice when new, but you need to put them in some kind of protective covering to keep that shine. Otherwise they turn to a darker tone.

    I learned this lesson at the start of the program when I picked up 2 George Washington’s and had them sit on my table for a couple of weeks. After the couple weeks I decided I wanted a roll. So I then went to the bank and picked up a new roll. When I got home I compared the coins from the new roll to the 2 I had picked up prior. I was kind of surprised at the difference in tone from just a couple weeks.

    Now I put the ones I am saving for myself in a plastic coin tube to preserve some of the shine.

  2. yeah, i know, that has happened to me before, when you leave a coin out it can ruin the coins new look, that is why u should, if you can, put the coins in some sort of protecting covering.

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