New LinkedIn Feature: Viewers Of This Profile Also Viewed

So, in case you are wondering, this feature was kind of tricky to name. 🙂

Steve Stegman has a post on the LinkedIn blog today announcing a new feature we’re testing, currently dubbed “Viewers of this profile also viewed…”

Steve does a good job explaining the feature. It’s located on the profile page, on the right side. (You have to be signed in, and if you are looking at your own profile, you have to click the link that says “View My Profile as others see it…”) In a nutshell, for this module LinkedIn is showing, in the aggregate, the other profiles that people are most likely to visit if they visited your profile. It sounds simple, but actually there is some significant complexity in cleaning out the data to get a good set of interesting profiles to browse.

I’ve clicked through over a dozen people in the past couple of days, and I continue to be surprised at how well it works. My results are excellent, but given my relatively public role at LinkedIn, I assumed my profile gets enough views to generate good aggregate results.

(In case you are curious, here are the 5 profiles you are most likely to visit if you visited mine, as of today)

Let’s see – Dan is our CEO, Jamie & Allen & I report to Reid, and Elliot is on my team. Definitely not hard to see the connections here. 🙂

As an example of a typical user, let’s look at my mother’s profile:

The first three are pretty obvious, but for some reason, Jonathan isn’t as popular as Elliot or Elizabeth?  Hmmm.  🙂

If I click through to Daniel’s profile, I see the following:

Now that’s 5 for 5!  Brother, sister, mother, brother, wife.

I’m finding that following just this module, I can browse LinkedIn in a really fun, new way.  Some of the results are pretty surprising.  It adds just a bit of serendipity (dare I say it?) into browsing people.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a quick post about the “People You May Know” feature on LinkedIn. This new module is yet another interesting way to look at the ways people are related – this time informed by the millions of clicks that hit LinkedIn every day.

Kudos to Steve and the analytics team for this new, interesting view.

11 thoughts on “New LinkedIn Feature: Viewers Of This Profile Also Viewed

  1. I love the “viewers of this profile also viewed…” functionality, but today (03/24/08) I don’t see it anymore. Did the “test” not work out? I hope it’s not gone for good, I’ve been using this feature every day.


    – Jon

  2. Hi Jon,

    Glad you like the feature. The test has been going extremely well. We had a small issue this morning with the prototyping server which serves this application – we should be good to go.

    – Adam

  3. Adam, I’m very disappointed!!!!!!!!!

    The feature “Viewers of this profile also viewed” is against privacy. Why people should see which profile I visit?
    My setting in Account and Settings->Privacy Settings->Profile Views has always been as below
    “Not show the user that you even viewed their profile”

    But if I go on some new profiles I visited, everybody can see my name in the feature “Viewers of this profile also viewed.”
    Where is the privacy???? Please allow me the possibility to disable it I’ll leave Linkedin.

    And in any case you should refresh it more than one time per day.
    Thanks and regards


    • Nada, I believe that the feature does respect our privacy settings. If not, please contact our customer service, and they will help remove you.

      • I AGREE – total invasion of my privacy. I viewed the profiles of a few people with whom I have personal not professional connections, and now my “viewers of this profile…” list is like a who’s who of my personal life. Great, thanks for letting people know that I viewed their profile.

      • It absolutely does not show anyone which profiles you have been viewing. All it shows is the profiles that other people look at in the same session when they are looking at yours.

        It reveals absolutely nothing that ties any individual to who they personally view.

  4. Hi Adam!

    I’ve searched far and wide for an answer but you seem like the LinkedIn guru. I’d appreciate a reply as I’m stumped.

    To get to the point, on my LinkedIn page under “Viewers of this profile also viewed…” there are names I would rather not see.

    Do you happen to know how to remove those?

    Thanks so much in advance,


    • Susan, if people who viewed your profile also visited those other people’s profiles, then they will show up. It’s a display of other user’s activity, not your own.


  5. It’s somewhat strange, but this blog post seems to be attracting a lot of traffic (and questions) all of a sudden. It’s a blog post from almost 18 months ago.

    At the risk of being rude, this is my personal blog, so I don’t really want to turn the comment stream into official LinkedIn Q&A.

    I would encourage people posting questions to direct them towards the official LinkedIn blog post (I reference it in the article) or if the matter is serious, contact LinkedIn customer service (the link is on the footer of every page of the site).

    I do thank you for the interest, and hope that the information I provided was at least somewhat helpful.


    • Hi Adam,

      If you will notice, the title at the top of your blog is “New LinkedIn Feature: Viewers Of This Profile Also Viewed.”

      By your very posting, you have indicated you have a great deal of knowledge about LinkedIn. The verbiage seems to be tracked on google, where I originally did a search for my answer.

      Secondarily, if it was possible to get an answer from LinkedIn, TRUST me, I would have directed the answer to them.

      My sincerest apologies for putting you out,


      • No worries, Susan. I do, in fact, have a great deal of knowledge about LinkedIn (as I should, given my day job…)

        I apologize if you’ve had trouble getting an answer directly from LinkedIn.

        There is always overlap in life, but I’ve tried as much as possible to keep this blog a personal blog. From time to time I post about new features at LinkedIn that I’m excited about, but in general, I try to redirect Q&A about LinkedIn features and policy to official channels.

        Take care,

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