An Adam Nash Murder Case

Sometimes, Google Alerts can freak you out.  I have a Google Alert for “adam nash”, to capture all the press mentions and news that pop up with my name in it.  This article came through today, from “The Daily Gleaner” in Canada:

Nash Guilty of Second Degree Murder

Just to clarify, this is not me.  Some content from the piece:

The jury in the Adam Wade Nash murder trial deliberated for a little more than six hours before returning and finding the accused guilty of second-degree murder.

Nash, 40, shot his 49-year-old brother Gordon Nash twice in the head Oct. 31, 2006, shortly after the two had been in a physical altercation.

At issue at trial and in the jury’s deliberations wasn’t whether Nash committed the murder, but his state of mind at the time.

The prosecution argued that it was a planned (though poorly) and deliberate killing, making the crime one of first-degree murder.

The defence’s case was that Nash was too drunk and tired to plan a murder and that the act of shooting his brother was an impulsive one driven by anger.