Mom Gadget on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

Had to share this small gem of a find.  It’s not one of my normal RSS feeds, but my wife forwarded me this article from Mom Gadget:

Mom Gadget: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – Double U – Tee – H

(Turns out, the reason she asked me to look at it was to translate the “Double U – Tee – H”.  I told her it was WTH or “What the Hell”.  There were several minutes of back and forth before she was convinced I was right.)

In any case, the article covers a basic cyber-mom question of what social networks she belongs to, and what each is for.  I thought the four snippets were great:

  • MySpace is a socializing website for teens, young adults, stars and music
  • Facebook is sort of the same only for young adults and tracking down your old school classmates and college friends without having to join for $29 plus a year.
  • Linkedin is for professional adults and for networking with people in business and sometimes it’s helped people land really awesome jobs.
  • Twitter – everyone is doing Twitter. Twitter is like text messaging meets the internet. It’s a way to text all your friends at once and have them text you back.

Of course, the primary theme of the article is one of social network fatigue. Apparently, this mom draws the line at these four.

Daily/Weekly use, in order of repeat visits (December 2008):

  • Google Reader
  • My Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • (this blog)
  • Facebook
  • E*Trade

Twitter is the biggest surprise for me.  I’ve been playing with it for months, but I’ve noticed my activity has been increasing measurably.  This past month, I’ve been checking it multiple times per day (thanks to TwitterFon for the iPhone). also has spiked up now that it has iPhone integration.

3 thoughts on “Mom Gadget on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

  1. It was actually “what the heck” but “what the hell” works too 🙂

    Being in a house of text speak teens, I’m learning to text speak my way through each day.

    Trying to keep the title of “cool mom” take s a LOT of hard work.

    • Yes, cool mom is a pretty hard title to earn, let alone keep. The blog post was great.

      Should have guessed that the “Mom Gadget” version would be PG-13. Sorry. Despite having little ones at home, I’m still being properly trained.


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