LinkedIn Hacks: Advanced Search Operators

I can’t help myself really.  What’s the point of putting advanced search operators in the new LinkedIn Search platform if no one knows about them?

So I have a new blog post up on the LinkedIn corporate blog:

LinkedIn Blog: Advanced Search Operators for the LinkedIn Pro

If you are curious, but not curious enough to click through, advanced search operators let you specify any query that you can configure with LinkedIn’s advanced search graphical user interface through just command-line tags.


If you want to find who in your network went to Stanford and currently works at Google, you can type:

school:Stanford AND ccompany:Google

This search will look for the keyword “Stanford” only in the school field of the LinkedIn profile, and look for “Google” only in the current company field.  Much more exact that looking for every profile that has “Stanford” and “Google” in it.

Thanks to the new search platform, millions of users are discovering the power of people search for the first time.  But there are also millions of power users who already use LinkedIn search to get their jobs done, and the team felt that giving them command-line-like power over the search experience would be appreciated by power users.

So enjoy.  Bringing power features like this to the LinkedIn platform is one of the joys of being on the team.

5 thoughts on “LinkedIn Hacks: Advanced Search Operators

  1. I realized that when I saw the Learning Center page, but still thought my Ppat line was funny.

    By the way, the new search features didn’t work when I tried them, and I’m a search guy (former VP for Northern Light, the search engine that was tied with Google in 2000).

    Shame, because they would/will be cool.

  2. sorry for repost but forgot to check the notify me by email
    of followup comments, so reposting …

    Can one do advanced search like the following – it does not
    seem to work for me but perhaps am getting syntax not correct ?

    all people who now work at company A AND who worked in past at company B

    there are adv operators pcompany and ccompany but yet
    in regular advanced search choices are only for either
    previous company or current company or both — but
    if both would just return people who now or in past worked
    at the chosen companies,

    NOT those who now work at company A AND who worked
    in past at company B

    Any suggestions ?

    • You can do that search, but there is a bug right now where it doesn’t handle “present company” and “past company” correctly – we should have it fixed in a few weeks.

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