Obama Inauguration in Legos

I have to say, I am completely uninterested in the inauguration “event” that is going on right now.   Then again, I’m not really into the Academy Awards either.  My guess it has something to do with the amazing amount of real work to be done, and the amazing amount of time, effort and money being thrown instead into a party in Washington D.C.

In any case, of all the inauguration coverage, so far I’ve found this piece the most interesting:

That’s right, the entire inauguration, including hand-built mini-figures of over 1000 people, including the entire Obama family.  Note, these are not the typical mini-figs – they are actually 4-inch people made of lego blocks.  Amazing.

Now that’s historic.  Thank you, LA Times.

5 thoughts on “Obama Inauguration in Legos

  1. Hear, Hear! Look, I’m ALLLLL for people being excited and involved in our government, about having a positive outlook on the future and our overall intentions as a nation, but the man hasn’t even DONE anything yet.

    Anyone from MARS would think we’re canonizing him.
    Oh wait…

  2. Having been born when Truman was President, my earliest memory of a transformative historical moment was the inauguration of JFK. As a preteen, the passing of power from the older generation to a younger energetic leader was a moment of cautious hope. I prefer not to indulge in apathy or cynicism as I watch the first president who is (so much) younger than I am–attempt to untangle a daunting mess. I viewed the inauguration less as entertainment and more as a supportive witness to history. I choose to be hopeful about a man who will fight for his Blackberry.

  3. I’m not sure we’re passing generations here – he’s still very much a Baby Boomer by any definition, albeit younger.

    Bill Clinton was only 43 at inauguration, just months off JFK’s record, and there really wasn’t nearly this type of Hollywood effect. I think the reality is more the media halo around Obama is truly historic.

    Also, I’d be more impressed if he had an iPhone. See my other post on why the Blackberry is dead to me.


  4. Wait a minnit… look at the top photo carefully! It’s all wrong! If that photo is accurate, you have the Inauguration taking place on the East side of the Capitol, when in fact it was on the West side (look behind the lego Capitol and you’ll see the Washington and Lincoln monuments).

    Did Lego get it wrong that badly?

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