America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coins are Gorgeous

The United States Mint has released images of the new 5-ounce America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins and they are gorgeous.

Source: Coin News

The designs are legislated to be nearly identical to the new quarters, except that they are a full three inches in diameter, making them large (and thin).

These are the first five ounce bullion coins produced by the US Mint, and are not going to be sold directly from the US Mint website.  This, of course, means that collectors are going to have to pay an unnecessary markup from dealers to get them.

Silver is now trading at over $21 / ounce, so expect each coin to be at least $110.

They are making one for each of the new quarters – five in all.  They are minting 500,000 total – 100,000 each.

I expect these to sell out quickly due to their unique design, size, and limited mintage.  $110 might seem expensive for a coin, but compared to escalating gold prices, silver arbitrarily seems “affordable”.

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    • Right now, the market is treating them more like commemorative coins rather than a real series of bullion coins. Will be interesting to see how the market treats them in 30 years.

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