Nintendo Wii Damage: Unintended Consequences of Innovation

Another fun little post for tonight.

Most of you probably know that one of the great new features of the Nintendo Wii is the motion-sensitive controller that lets you really swing the controller to control the game.  You can swing a golf club or tennis racket, punch in boxing, bowl, and swing a sword in Zelda.  Pretty cool, although I personally have commented that this is likely to be a short-lived gimmick.

This website has a lot of the Wii commercials loaded, in case you want to see it in action.

Well, no good deed goes unpunished, and no innovation happens without unintended consequences.

For the Nintendo Wii, the unintended consequence seems to be… Wii Damage!


There is a whole website now dedicated to damage that people have done swinging that new controller around playing games!  Cracked projection TVs, glasses, windows, some cuts & bruises.  There is even a photo of a Wii remote that cracked the case of a TV and got stuck!

Love it.

Battlestar Galactica: The Eye of Jupiter (Mid-Season Finale)

I haven’t posted a lot this week due to late nights and early mornings for work. However, I had to share this tidbit while it was still timely.

First, I hated the last episode of Battlestar Galactica, “Unfinished Business”. I found this post on the Table of Malcontents that sums up my feelings:

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to confront the possibility that the once-great show Battlestar Galactica may be heading to fraktown. After Friday’s head-clutchingly bad episode, which combined boxing scenes with barfy romantic flashbacks, my sense of foreboding has escalated into franchise panic. Will our beloved show go Star Trek:TNG season 7 on us? Or, worse, Buffy season 6? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Read on for the ten signs that Battlestar Galactica is turning a dangerous corner . . .

The article goes on to list the 10 signs that the show might be close to jumping the shark. We’ll see. Truth be told, I’m pretty easy going on science fiction that I like, and I even likes Star Trek TNG season 7. (I even liked the last season of Enterprise, so there.)

In any case, in all places, the Lucy Lawless (yes, Xena Warrior Princess is on Battlestar Galactica now) fan site has a spoiler for the upcoming mid-season finale, “The Eye of Jupiter”.

Check it out here.

Kind of neat that you can go see it on the big screen. I’m hopeful that there are several more good seasons of Battlestar Galactica left before I have to go fishing for a new sci-fi series.