Gender Genie: Psychohistory is Male!

Or at least, written by a male author.

Couldn’t resist reposting this fun link, the Gender Genie.

Paste in text from an article or blog post, ideally over 500 words, and it will guess the gender.

Many thanks to Graceful Flavor for finding this. They actually ran about a dozen well known blogs and sites through it, with mixed results.

Apparently, however, Psychohistory is written in a crushingly male style (based on my post on President Ford, the last over 500 words):

Words: 532
Female Score: 462
Male Score: 814
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

New eBay Guide: Collecting the New 24K Gold First Spouse Program Coins

Nothing here that you haven’t read already in my previous blog post, but I have completed my fourth eBay Guide.  Writing eBay guides has been surprisingly rewarding.  Far more page views that I would have expected (some guides are getting to nearly 500 page views), and I’ve now made it to the “Top 2000” of all writers.

Here is the new guide:

Collecting the New 24K Gold First Spouse Program Coins

As usual, if you are a registered eBay user, please review the guide and vote “yes” for its usefulness.  The more “yes” votes it receives, the more likely it is that another eBay user, searching on relevant terms, will see the guide.