Harry Potter, Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (not Hollows)

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The title for the “last” Harry Potter book has been revealed, it is: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As of February 1st, you can now pre-order the standard version or deluxe version for delivery on July 21st:

Here is the Forbes article, which at least has well written coverage.

Rowling’s U.S. publisher, Scholastic (nasdaq: SCHL – news – people ), Inc., released a brief statement Thursday announcing the name of the world’s most anticipated children’s book, the finale to her phenomenally popular fantasy series.

No publication date or other details were offered. Rowling is still working on the book, she wrote on her Web site in an entry posted early Thursday.

“I’m now writing scenes that have been planned, in some cases, for a dozen years or even more,” she wrote. “I don’t think anyone who has not been in a similar situation can possibly know how this feels: I am alternately elated and overwrought. I both want, and don’t want, to finish this book (don’t worry, I will.)”

You’ll notice I put the word “last” in quotations. That is because, while I like the Harry Potter series very much, they are anything but original in character development and plot. As a result, I also expect J.K. Rowling to follow the well-trod path of other series writers, who claim that a given book is the “final” one of the series, only to publish some new version of the story or characters years later, after a suitable break. It might be 10 years later, but it will happen.

I’m very excited to see if Book 7 resolves itself in the same way I think it will. Book 6 definitely followed the expected path, and sets up some very well-known character models for betrayal, defeat and victory. We’ll see what happens.

Update (12/23/06): I have changed the title to “Hallows”, since that seems to be the consensus, although the search for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows turns up a lot of news clippings as well. Thoughts?

Update (12/26/06): See my new post on how mis-spellings can help your popularity! It seems that my blog is a big hit with the people who want it to be “hollows”.

Update (02/01/07): See my new post on the release date for Harry Potter 7: July 21, 2007. There is also a link to pre-order the book for delivery on July 21st.