Build an eBay Photo Lightbox… out of a Corona Beer Case

Found this blog post today on on how to build an inexpensive eBay photo lightbox.  An amazing find!



I love the ingredient list:

  • Empty Corona 24-pack box (or any cardboard box)
  • Paper towels (I used Bounty quilted)
  • Printer paper (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors and/or razor blade
  • Reading lamp (Mine has a 60W bulb)
  • Camera

If you don’t know what a lightbox is, it’s a way of diffusing light to help take flattering images of standard objects.  This can be extremely helpful when you sell online, because giving your photos professional quality framing and lighting can literally add dollars to your bottom line.

I don’t use a lightbox today for my photos, but as I consider selling coins more regularly on eBay, I’ve wondered if I’d need a lightbox to get high quality results.

Consider this a “fun find” if you sell on eBay.

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