Equinox Releases iSale 4 at Macworld 2007. Unbelievable eBay Selling Tool for Mac OS X.

I know I said I was a bit disappointed by Macworld 2007, but I did see a few things that I liked.

One was the new version of iSale 4 by Equinox software.


This application just keeps getting better and better.  I was really impressed with their new, searchable, listing template functionality.  I was also very impressed with the visual, live update of sales status, and the order tracking functionality.

The application represents the best possible combination of creative use of the existing eBay APIs, and a best-in-class Mac OS interface.   They support very Mac-specific touches like iPhoto integration, .Mac picture hosting, and other goodies.   The feature list at this point reads like a “Who’s Who” of Apple & eBay functionality.  Check it out on their website.

They even support the ability to preview your listing on both eBay & eBay Express!  Right in the application.  Gorgeous.

My wife continues to use GarageSale to sell on eBay, and I use the new Sell Your Item form from eBay.  But when I see great work like this, I just have to give them a shout out and say to readers, if you are looking for a great Mac application to make selling on eBay easy, try iSale.  It’s a free trial, and it’s worth checking out.