Joost Now Available for Mac OS X Intel

Just posted on the Joost blog last week.  Joost, previously known as The Venice Project, is now available on Mac OS X.

As reported on GigaOm, In an interview earlier this year the CEO Fredrik de Wahl had explained how easy it was for the company to port their client to other operating environments. He had promised a Mac client in less than two months.

I will self-admit to being biased, but I always believe that it is an exceptionally good sign to see a client-software company go cross-platform almost immediately.  Supporting multiple platforms requires well thought out architecture and code decomposition, and I’ve found that the engineers that know how to do this tend to be on the high end of the scale.  Not only that, the code they produce tends to also stand up better over time.  Blizzard, makers of World of Warcraft, are the ultimate examples of this.  Every release of every product comes out simultaneously for Windows and for the Mac.

You can argue about the reasons why, but to me, it’s because they are just that good.

I’m excited to play with Joost first hand.

2 thoughts on “Joost Now Available for Mac OS X Intel

  1. hey! I would loooooove to try joost on my macbook, can u send me an invitation please? i read on the website that u can use your remote control on joost for mac

  2. God

    Need some help, getting an error message after downloading JOOST Beta (1.1.8) to mac . JOOST not supported on this architecture.

    Im running a G4 OSX 10.4.11

    Any help would be appreciated cheers


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