The Product Wars: Video Games & High Definition DVDs

Fun website I found today, as I was reading about the ongoing battles between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD, the two competing high definition DVD formats on the market currently.

The website is called “The Product Wars”, and it basically just scrapes for data (not sure this is the best indicator vs. scraping eBay, but I digress…)

In any case, they have pages that show a lot of statistics about how well the competing systems are doing.  Here is the page for the DVD Wars.

Takeaway?  Blu-Ray is doing much better than expected, given the PS3 shortages and the cost advantage of HD-DVD players.  In fact, right now, it looks like Blu-Ray has the edge.

The website also has a page dedicated to the next-generation video consoles: Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

Takeaway?  The Xbox 360 is still outselling everything, although the Wii seems to have eclipsed the Xbox 360 in terms of popularity on a few key measures.

Fun data, if you are into those two markets.