Apple iPhone: Web Development Site is Now Live!

Apple hasn’t released an SDK for client application development for the iPhone, but they have launched a new website for developers interested in customizing their web-based applications for the iPhone.

Apple Developer Connection: iPhone

The site consists of a link to the beta download of Safari 3.0 for Windows & Mac.

The real detail, however, is in this mini-site for web specifications for development for the iPhone version of Safari – specifications for size, what is and isn’t supported, etc.

Very cool.  There may in fact be a halo-effect around websites that optimize for the iPhone.  Given the buzz around the device and the first true rich-browser experience on a mobile phone, there could be a mutually beneficial relationship between compelling web-applications customized for the iPhone and the iPhone itself.  After all, great applications will make the iPhone feel that much more compelling, and tailored experiences can make those applications the preference of the 700K and growing iPhone users.

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