Valleyfreude Video on Valleywag (Facebook IPO Video)

Sorry, I know I’m just providing blog-chamber echo here, but I had to post.

I had read a while ago about the video, “Valleyfreude” that was made by Randi Jayne, sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  Every article about it highlighted the line:

F*ck you Yahoo, they’re going IPO

Given the recent buzz around Facebook, it wasn’t surprising to have this kind of unpredictible tidbit pop up everywhere.  However, I was a bit surprised and disappointed to find out that the video has been taken down from most sites.

Valleywag still has it here.  Enjoy.  It is worth watching.   Click it now before it’s gone!  🙂

I was surprised to find out that Mark’s little sister seems to have also created video hits like, “How to Get a Guy in Silicon Valley“.

I’m at a loss for words.