How to Search LinkedIn Like a Pro

Just a quick pointer to my new post over on LinkedIn’s blog:

5 Tips on How to Search LinkedIn Like a Pro

For regular readers of my blog, you may find some of the concepts familar, as I used the same approach to help people earlier this year learn how to search eBay like a pro.

In both cases, similar concepts can help you use the search engines much more effectively.  And although different sites use different search technology, once you learn these types of tricks with one, it is fairly easy to learn to apply them to another.

LinkedIn is a great search engine for people.  Check out this earlier post where I compare LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and Google for people search.  Something to think about the next time you are looking to learn a little bit more about someone you know (or someone you don’t).

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any particular tips about using LinkedIn search!