US Mint: 2007 Platinum Eagles Available at 12:00pm EST on July 17, 2007

Don’t say they didn’t warn you!

2007 American Eagle Platinum Proof and Uncirculated Coins Available July 17

From the press release:

Pricing and mintages of the 2007 American Eagle Platinum Proof and Platinum Coins are listed below:



Maximum Mintage

Product Limit

Proof one ounce




Proof Half-Ounce




Proof Quarter-Ounce




Proof Tenth-Ounce




Proof Four-Coin Set




Uncirculated One Ounce




Uncirculated Half-Ounce




Uncirculated Quarter-Ounce




Uncirculated Tenth-Ounce




Uncirculated Four-Coin Set




Note: Maximum mintages reflect the total number of individual product options and the coins included in the four-coin sets.

Orders for the platinum proof coins should be submitted early, as mintages are limited. There is no mintage limit for the platinum uncirculated coins. Household limits have not been set for these options. Additionally, the United States Mint reserves the right to limit quantities and may discontinue accepting orders at any time.

Wow. And you thought the First Spouse gold coins were expensive. $3000 for the proof set, and now there is an uncirculated version for collectors as well.

I don’t know what to make of the very low mintage. On the one hand, a low mintage usually means a good solid path to appreciation and rarity. On the other hand, how many people are really collecting the Platinum eagles? There has to be a diminishing return on pricing of coins. It’s the same issue I have with the First Spouse coins… how many people are really going to shell out $16,000 to own the whole set? And how much can it appreciate from there, since that’s just the up front cost?

In any case, don’t whine if you want these coins and you’re not there at 12pm to place your order. It’s as easy as going to:

Happy hunting.

P.S. If you happen to pick up an extra 4-coin proof set, feel free to send it my way.

3 thoughts on “US Mint: 2007 Platinum Eagles Available at 12:00pm EST on July 17, 2007

  1. Adam Hi,
    I am one of the unfortunate ones who didn’t purchase enough of the 2006 Platinum Proof Eagle (“Legislative Muse”). I was only able to get the 1/10 oz. size at the time.This hurts especially since I see that the 2006 series price has tripled since. Also vexsome is that the reverse it’s my design. Also, I also wonder why,if one goes to the Historic Image Library at the Mint’s site, that 2006 is the only one in the series that doesn’t show up.It jumps from 2005 to 2007.
    In any event I enjoy your site and enthusiasm about all the numismatic events that unfold.

  2. Interesting… so you collect the platinum eagles?

    I think with these limited mintage coins, you have to be online ordering almost at the exact time they release.


  3. The mintage on the platinum eagles the past few years has been EXTREMELY low the past few years. The uncirculated 1 oz coins from ’97 & ’98 combined for around 190,000 to more like 16,000 combined from ’04 & ’05.

    Strangely, other than the ‘W’ mintmark ’06, none of them have really taken off yet.

    In the first year, 1997, the spot price of platinum was around $400/oz. Gold was only slightly lower ($300+). Now that platinum is around $1400 and gold around $750, there are not nearly as many people willing to pay the price for platinum eagles.
    Also, there is not a long-term following as has been developed not only in gold coins, but gold as a store of value in general.
    That being said, the numbers are extremely low, and eventually, Platinum Eagles will most likely catch on more over time. When the price of platinum dips and circulation numbers increase to meet demand, these low-volume years may be the most collectible precious metal coins produced in a LONG time.

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