More Fun: Team Profile at LinkedIn

Sorry, couldn’t resist one more post here.

Mario Sundar, the resident blogger at LinkedIn, posted this great item late tonight:

The LinkedIn Blog: Have You Posted Your Photo Yet?

Check out this great picture of the profile team at LinkedIn…  While we all have our professional headshots, we swapped them so everyone has a different face.  Cracks me up to see it online.

Can you guess which one is me?

8 thoughts on “More Fun: Team Profile at LinkedIn

  1. That IS a crack up!

    At first I thought y’all might be wearing the shirts from your photos…but that’d be too easy, right? The ring got my attention, too, so I agree with everyone else (lemming alert!).

    Lower right?

  2. Hi businessgolf,

    Glad to post comments when I find relevant posts – I was lucky Andrea’s blog turned up in my news alert for LinkedIn.

    I actually post regularly to the LinkedIn corporate blog, at:

    That’s the best place to read up and post questions.

    Take care.

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