My Plugin, v0.1

Major milestone tonight.

Spent two hours after the boys went to bed.  Managed to get swizzling working.  I have now completed a Mail plug-in that when installed…

… drumroll, please …

logs out to console the name & email address of the sender of every email you view in

… let it sink in …

OK, it may not sound significant, but that was 1 of the 7 things I have to get working to have a demo of my new Mail plug-in up and running.  I now have a renewed burst of confidence that this plug-in will indeed get done.
Many thanks to Adam Tow, who responded to my previous blog post, sharing not only tips & sample code, but also a pointer to a regular, weekly coffee night for Cocoa developers in Campbell.  I had forgotten how supportive the Mac development community was… this event looks pretty neat.  Maybe when I get to the really tough stuff, I’ll go.

3 thoughts on “My Plugin, v0.1

  1. Hey, that’s a great idea, if it’s doing what I think it’s doing. If it is, please allow me to select a message count and a time period (5 messages in 30 days, e.g.) before taking the next step with the data.

    Not that you’re pre-announcing anything with your categories. 🙂

  2. Hi Bill,

    This is just a personal project. It’s not work related, although you are sharp to notice that I filed it under LinkedIn. If I succeed, it will, in fact, be LinkedIn related.

    – Adam

  3. Hi Adam, liked your blog about plugin and your references. I am trying to write a plugin where I can get the raw data of email and then do some stuff with it. But I am not even at the first stage of swizzling the method. I tried using the mail plugin tempalte and try to write the code in demystifying mail app but it crashed. Can you help me in giving some start.

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