Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Caprica, and the Movie

Can you hear it….?  That distant rumbling….?  That’s the sound of the best show on television coming in for a new season.

April 4th.  10:00PM.  Sci-Fi Channel.

Some news tidbits from Buddy TV, which covered the Battlestar Galactica news conference:

  • We get 10 episodes.  The last 10 episodes will likely be in 2009.  (Writer’s strike)
  • Shows will be on at noon that day for early viewing.  Nothing specific on iTunes.
  • Greenlight to the prequel TV series pilot, “Caprica”, which will focus on a time, 50 years before the show, before the first Cylon war.  Will be a 2-hour movie in the fall.
  • No vote on the movie of Battlestar Galactica post-season 4.

As the article closes:

The cast just received their first post-strike script and will resume production next week. Moore stated that, in writing the final season, his primary goal is simply to bring everything home and do justice to the series he has created. When asked about possibly expanding to a Battlestar Galactica film after it’s over, Moore’s answer was a definite “No,” claiming the series would not translate well to the big screen.

Can’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Caprica, and the Movie

  1. OK…. Now you need a post summarizing all the key details of BSG I’ve forgotten … 🙂

    Super-secret final 5 cylons? Starbuck was dead but now isn’t? Earth is a really a cylon colony?


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated anything on television as much as the second half of Season 2 (the Pegasus cliffhanger).

    I hope Ronald & Co. can bring BSG back to those heights.

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  4. ok – so look at the new photo on the bsg website – looks very last supper to me. are the cylon skinjobs really the gods? do they become our gods? is it a re visit of noah and the ark?

    is it the future? is it the past?

    who cares its too good to miss, thats all i know, in the uk we remake scifi well but with a lighthearted take ( doctor who)

    this is the best show on tv.

    marcus – in the uk

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