Café World Economics: Updated Tables

I really haven’t had enough time to write the second post I had been planning on Buzz measurements and the profitability by unit time of different dishes.  So, instead, this week I’m posting updated tables for some of the new dishes that Zynga has rolled out.  (Still looking for an accurate breakdown of CP for Impossible Quiche, BTW.  I’m only at Level 25 myself…)


This is the second post in my Café World Economics series.  The first one is here:

Here are my Café World tables, updated for the three new dishes Zynga rolled out last week.

First, the table of dishes, sorted by total profit per day:

Dish Profit / Day Profit / Hour Min Per Cycle
Bacon Cheeseburger 6336.0 264.0 5.0
Overstuffed Peppers 5970.0 248.8 720.0
Kung Pao Stir Fry 5910.0 246.3 240.0
Fiery Fish Tacos 5880.0 245.0 120.0
King Crab Bisque 5370.0 223.8 1440.0
Chips and Guacamole 5280.0 220.0 3.0
Impossible Quiche 5092.5 212.2 2880.0
Powdered French Toast 4824.0 201.0 20.0
Super Chunk Fruit Salad 4800.0 200.0 15.0
Tony’s Classic Pizza 4248.0 177.0 300.0
Chicken Gyro and Fries 4032.0 168.0 10.0
Grand Tandoori Chicken 3985.0 166.0 1440.0
Voodoo Chicken Salad 3920.0 163.3 720.0
Herbed Halibut 3785.0 157.7 1440.0
Crackling Peking Duck 3580.0 149.2 1080.0
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 3264.0 136.0 30.0
Tikka Masala Kabobs 3120.0 130.0 60.0
Spaghetti and Meatballs 2730.0 113.8 480.0
Spitfire Roasted Chicken 2585.0 107.7 1440.0
French Onion Soup 2550.0 106.3 240.0
Triple Berry Cheesecake 2470.0 102.9 720.0
Caramel Apples 2340.0 97.5 120.0
Homestyle Pot Roast 1967.5 82.0 2880.0
Vampire Staked Steak 1695.0 70.6 1440.0
Pumpkin Pie 1690.0 70.4 720.0

Here is the second table, dishes sorted by Café Points per Day:

Dish CP / Day CP / Hour Min Per Cycle
Bacon Cheeseburger 2016.0 84.0 5.0
Chicken Gyro and Fries 2016.0 84.0 10.0
Chips and Guacamole 1920.0 80.0 3.0
Powdered French Toast 1512.0 63.0 20.0
Super Chunk Fruit Salad 1344.0 56.0 15.0
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 1008.0 42.0 30.0
Fiery Fish Tacos 588.0 24.5 120.0
Tikka Masala Kabobs 528.0 22.0 60.0
Kung Pao Stir Fry 450.0 18.8 240.0
Caramel Apples 420.0 17.5 120.0
Overstuffed Peppers 412.0 17.2 720.0
Grand Tandoori Chicken 403.0 16.8 1440.0
French Onion Soup 366.0 15.3 240.0
Voodoo Chicken Salad 336.0 14.0 720.0
Tony’s Classic Pizza 326.4 13.6 300.0
Spaghetti and Meatballs 300.0 12.5 480.0
Triple Berry Cheesecake 280.0 11.7 720.0
King Crab Bisque 252.0 10.5 1440.0
Herbed Halibut 225.0 9.4 1440.0
Crackling Peking Duck 221.3 9.2 1080.0
Spitfire Roasted Chicken 210.0 8.8 1440.0
Impossible Quiche 175.5 7.3 2880.0
Pumpkin Pie 152.0 6.3 720.0
Homestyle Pot Roast 139.5 5.8 2880.0
Vampire Staked Steak 113.0 4.7 1440.0

As per some of the comments, I’ve realized that there is an overhead in time for setting up a dish. It’s likely small (15-20s), but still, that’s a material increase on a 5 minute dish. I’ll provide that update in a future post.

In truth, I had hoped to have my first FishVille Economics post up by now. Unfortunately, the little spat between Zynga & Facebook seems to have precluded it for now. Fishville has been down all day.

Update:  New Café World Economics posts are available:

31 thoughts on “Café World Economics: Updated Tables

  1. Still looking for an accurate breakdown of CP for Impossible Quiche
    Impossible Quiche: Level 47 (171,320 cp)

    Cost: 5000
    Servings: 1900
    Coins per serving: 8
    Total Coins: 15,200
    Ready: 2 days

    Clean oven: 1cp
    Whisk Eggs: 25cps
    Chop Onion: 25cps
    Melt Butter: 25cp

    Have to wait two days for cps for serving

  2. I’ll be able to serve “Impossible Quiche” in a couple of hours…

    I’m presently @ Level 46 – 170,155 CP. 1200 more CP, and I’ll be there!

    Tell me what you need to know, and I’ll post back… 😉

  3. Okay, I’m there… Level 47

    Impossible Quiche
    Cost: 5000
    Servings: 1900
    Earns: 8 per serving, 15,200 total
    Ready in: 2 days

    If you need anything else, let me know!

  4. Grand Tandoori Chicken: Level 50 (205,920 cp)

    Cost: 2,000
    Servings: 1,000
    Coins per serving: 6
    Total Coins: 6,000
    Ready: 1 day

    Clean oven: 1cp
    Mixing: 21cps
    Marinade: 21cps
    Dress Chicken: 21cp

    Next level (51) require a whooping 235,920 cps

  5. 4 new dishes rolled out: savory stuffed turkey, buttermilk pancakes, atomic buffalo wings (yum!) and shu mai dumplings (lvl 54 required).

    I’d been looking all over for CP values for each dish, and was able to derive it from your CP/hour table, thanks!

  6. I’ve been playing the game (off & on) for 19days – on level 24 with 300+K coins (475+K if I didn’t expand or remodel). I notice that players aren’t calculating service cp after dish is READY to be served (it can add up to a LOT). ie, herbed halibut gives you 203cp every time its served & savory turkey=196cp (if you’ve cooked a few at a time that adds up quickly & levels you up fast + lots of coins for customer purchases). PLUS, now the game gives you & your friends free servings, based on how many of an item is served. ie, I cooked 2 stoves of atomic buffalo wings, served them & got 320 free servings (= free extra coins per customer purchase). So, it’s WORTH it to actually serve your food. I cook food all day & then let it fly out the doors from 11pm to 8-9 AM. The best customers come ~2AM (that’s per Zynga’s website) & take off the doors when cooking items with lengthy cooking times. If you let the game run while open, you make money slower & less customers come. Instead, if I log out & let it run for even 2-4hrs & log back in; sometimes 10 – 12,000 servings of food are gone & I’ve made tons of coins. I sell so fast, because I have between 2-4 doors, depending on the layout of my restaurant seating & also lets you control the speed of service & amount of customers (ie, if you still have food cooking or not a lot left). Then I start preparing more food, if not already cooking & then remove the door(s) again until next time. I also calculate the best prices vs. servings vs. % return vs. cooking times. This has made me tons of coins fast & levels me up quickly, too! Placement of doors, seating, stoves & service counters DOES matter!! Play with it & you’ll figure out some interesting things!! Visiting friends (only allowed once per 24hrs) also helps – each visit = 20 coins & 5cp; so have lots of friends!! Plus, they send you lots of free servings of food (=free coins to be made) & decorations (saves on using your hard earned coins to buy them). Check your Facebook live feed, too, because the game sends free servings of food via friends for SPECIAL “tastings”! Whoever clicks the link 1st, usually gets the most free servings!!
    **By the way, I have spent no real money to purchase expansions, equipment or decorations; just do it with the free coins earned thru the game!! How FUN & what a CHALLENGE!! :0) **

    • Forget about strategy… just block off your waiters so people get instantly served… most people want CP points and the money issue is secondary.

      Maintaining a buzz rating is an after thought to me, why? Because it doesn’t really effect leveling UP or CP points.

      • Your buz rating is iportant if you want your food ate faster so you can make more food. If the food is not moving off the servers it ties your stove up with cooking only what you already have out. SO if the foods you have on the servers, are long term foods that take 12 or more hours it takes that long to get the cafe points to level up.

  7. please update your tables for cafe worlds cp’s earned per dish. there are tons of dishes and i’d like to know what you think the best dishes are to earn the most cp’s. i was at level 33 when i found this site and within two weeks i shot up to level 43. i’m excited to have found this site, but u must keep it updated for future visitors, and me! thanks!

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  9. Hey Adam-Great job! 🙂

    Can you compile a list of the most coins and most cafe per level? Maybe just the top 2 or 3? It’ll be a while until I’m able to make overstuffed peppers,so I’m trying to maximize efficiency until I get there.

    Also, I was cooking the turkeys all over the place until they increased the cooking time to 22 hours!

    • Hi Cam,
      Actually, you can just use the table above by just going down the list until you find a dish you can afford. They are in linear order, so it works at any level.

      Hope this helps.

  10. Hey adam for lvl 18 i dont want to cook those short period of time food to level up.i want the long hours but i dont know which is the best.can you help me?thanks!

  11. I’m level 61 now. No new dishes, no new expansions, no new stoves, no new counters. It’s been that way since level 50 I think. Takes 30,000 CP to level up next.

  12. Note to everyone posting comments about missing dishes:

    I have a new blog post up with updated tables. Please go there for the most recent values. It’s linked on the bottom of the blog post, and twice in the comment thread already.

    If you submit point scores for missing dishes here, I’ll delete your comments.


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