New eBay Guide: US Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Program

I decided to take some of the information I’ve gathered on the new US Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Program that launches in 2007 and share it with the eBay community.

Collecting the New Presidential $1 Dollar Program Coins

Please take the time to check it out, if you are interested, and if you are an eBay member, vote for the guide by answering “Yes” to the question on whether it was helpful or not. The most helpful guides rise to the top on various pages at eBay, so the more you vote for it, the more people who will get a chance to read it. (Please note: you can only vote if you are an eBay member)

I’m still very excited for this program, despite it being a rather transparent attempt for the US Mint to get more money out of me. It looks like it is going to work.

As a side note, not many people realize that the same bill in 2005 that authorized the new Presidential dollar coins also authorized the new American Buffalo gold bullion coin, the first 24K, 0.9999 fine quality gold coin ever produced by the US. The same bill also authorized the new versions of the Lincon cent that will debut in 2009 to celebrate 100 years of having Abraham Lincoln on the penny.

2009 will feature the last year of the State Quarter program, the third year of the Presidential dollar coin program, and four new penny designs. That is going to be quite a year for proof sets!

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