Gender Genie: Psychohistory is Male!

Or at least, written by a male author.

Couldn’t resist reposting this fun link, the Gender Genie.

Paste in text from an article or blog post, ideally over 500 words, and it will guess the gender.

Many thanks to Graceful Flavor for finding this. They actually ran about a dozen well known blogs and sites through it, with mixed results.

Apparently, however, Psychohistory is written in a crushingly male style (based on my post on President Ford, the last over 500 words):

Words: 532
Female Score: 462
Male Score: 814
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

2 thoughts on “Gender Genie: Psychohistory is Male!

  1. Adam — careful with that “crushingly male” stuff. You know what I said about Scott Nicholas of “The Hard Six” — maybe someone’s trying a *little* too hard. 😉

    Happy new year. Be safe man.

  2. Oh, the needle didn’t move that far! Didn’t one of the writers in your blog end up with something like a female score of “4”?

    I think I’m comfortable with my 2:1 ratio, especially for a post about Gerald Ford!


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