For Anneliese: Puppies & Babies

I received a comment on my end-of-the-year post from an old co-worker, Anneliese.  She included a link to her blog, which I really don’t understand.  🙂

However, she said for a personal blog, I’m not including enough “Baby & Puppy” pictures.   Which is fair since I’ve posted at least two posts about my tomatoes from my garden, but no puppies.

Well, here’s a teaser picture.  A great image, captured by the famous Eric Cheng, of my son Jacob (2) and my first Beagle Newton (4).


3 thoughts on “For Anneliese: Puppies & Babies

  1. Hahhahaha, you don’t “understand” my blog? Is it because of the content? The only content I expose are my photos and California coast art. I hide my public posts to Friends Only because I’m paranoid like that. 🙂

    Cute photo you posted! Excellent!

  2. I’m guessing the problem has been already fixed since I don’t recieve the error, but it was impossible for me to get on your website yesterday. My browser would just load a blank page with nothing on it. Maybe its just my computer im not exactly sure.

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