Funny eBay Story: Jessica Simpson & Creamsicle Lipstick

I don’t know why I found this story amusing enough to click on.  But I did.

Jessica Simpson’s creamsicle lip candy lipsticks up for grabs on Ebay

Bizarre.  The things that I go through life happily not knowing… like the fact that Jessica Simpson has a “Dessert Treat” line of cosmetics & fragrances.  

But now I do.  All because I tend to click on almost any article with eBay in the title.  Damn you, Google News.

Just for fun, I decided to see what eBay Express had to offer in terms of “Dessert Treat” products.   Pretty surprising selection, actually.  Over 1000 items for sale, and our new search engine even has “Dessert by Jessica Simpson” as a searchable brand in Fragrances.  Apparently, on eBay Express, Creamy Coconut & Cotton Blossom are the frangrances with the most listings, but Cinnamon Frosting is a close third.

As for the Creamsicle Lipstick, well, I guess it’s technically “lip gloss” whatever that means.  But there are 27 items available on Express right now, as cheap as $2 with free shipping.

Now that this information is in my brain, possibly for a while, I can only hope that sharing it here will provide at least one person out there with some benefit – even if that benefit is a laugh or two at my expense.

2 thoughts on “Funny eBay Story: Jessica Simpson & Creamsicle Lipstick

  1. She’s awesome. Her “dessert” line has been out for a while though. She talked it up on “Newlyweds”, when she was still married. I guess she finally learned that the Internet is on computers now. Now she’s out on the prowl. And she’s awesome. I’m still waiting for the day I walk into a Chili’s and there she is, eating a Triple Play all by her self. What a great day.

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