Fascinating: Referring Links to This Blog (Psychohistory)

This is just a quick note on blogging, but it is just so much fun to see the list of referring URLs every day in WordPress.

WordPress tracks the list of most common source URLs for your readers, every day.  You can click them, and see how people found your blog.  Unlike the “search keywords” that people use to find your blog, these URLs are usually real articles or blogs themselves, and it can always be surprising how people are finding your site.

One day, I noticed that a common referring URL was Google Translate, English to Spanish.  That’s right, it seems that a number of people out there are reading my blog regularly, in Spanish.  How neat is that?

Here is a fun one from today.  The referring page led a lot of people to my article on Wii Damage, which has been very popular the past few months.


I don’t know what they are saying (I think it’s Dutch, but I’m not sure), but it seems to be leading a lot of people to my blog.

Another referral today… Google Translate, English to Arabic:


It’s amazing how global the web is.  I’m a little surprised that my post is worth translating, but there you go.

For those of you keeping score at home, my blog is now averaging 300-400 hits per day, a steady increase of almost 100% month to month.   More importantly, the traffic seems much more even these days, as my older posts seem to draw a steady stream of views daily.

And the number one search term leading people to my blog is still, after two months:

harry potter and the deathly hollows

Right now, it’s link number #5 on Google for that query.