2007 Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Proof Set Now Available (US Mint, June 21)

June 2007 is a busy month for the US Mint.

Two days ago, they released the first two 2007 First Spouse 24K Gold coins in proof & uncirculated versions.  To my suprise, they sold out in just 1.5 hours, and the waiting list is apparently over 35,000 coins.  Thank goodness I got my order in early.

Today, the US Mint has release the proof set for the 2007 Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Program.  4 Coins total.

Now, I personally collect the US Silver Proof sets every year, which will also include the new dollar coins.  But for people who just want the Presidential dollars, this is a beautiful set.  Because the coins are not made of gold or silver, they are reasonably priced – only $14.95 a set.

Get yours here.

By the way, if you want to stay up to date on US Mint releases, it’s very easy now.  They have enabled the US Mint website with RSS Feeds.  Here is the feed to get their product introduction announcements.