The 2007 24K Gold First Spouse Coins Are Now Available

Break out the plastic, coin collectors. The new 2007 24K Gold First Spouse coins just went on sale at the US Mint today at 12pm EST.

Right now, there are four available:

  • Martha Washington, Proof
  • Martha Washington, Uncirculated
  • Abigail Adams, Proof
  • Abigail Adams, Uncirculated

Here are the proof & uncirculated versions, for comparison:

From the US Mint website:

This year marks the inaugural year of the First Spouse Gold Coin Series, the United States Mint’s first coin series to feature our Nation’s First Spouses.

Four, one-half ounce, $10 24-karat Gold First Spouse Coins will be minted and released annually in the order the spouses served in the White House. The coins will be minted in proof and uncirculated condition and are available individually. Each First Spouse Gold Coin will coincide with the release of the four circulating Presidential $1 Coins annually. In 2007, the United States Mint will release the first four coins in the series which include: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty and Dolley Madison.

Martha Washington: The obverse designed and sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Joseph Menna, is inspired by Martha Washington’s portrait by Charles Wilson Peale. The reverse, designed by Susan Gamble, United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer, and sculpted by Don Everhart, United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver features Martha Washington sewing a button on her husband’s uniform jacket.

First Spouse Gold Proof Coins are available in limited mintages. Each 2007 First Spouse One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin is packaged in a custom-designed domed-chest, highly polished lacquered hardwood presentation case and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Director of the United States Mint.

Martha Washington Coin Maximum Mintage: 40,000 across all product options

Each is one-half ounce of 24K gold, with a face value of $10. The proof coins sell for $429.95, the uncirculated coins for $410.95. You can buy them at the US Mint here, shipping date is current July 4th, 2007, although that will push out as they sell.

They are limiting mintage of each first spouse to 40,000 coins – interestingly, that is across both proof and uncirculated versions, so the ratio could be heavily skewed.

Assuming that you wanted to collect all of these coins, you’d be on the hook for nearly $32,000 over the next 10 years at these prices. I’m guessing that most people won’t go for that.

The hardest choice here might be whether to buy the proof or uncirculated versions. Given the low differential in price, it might seem like the proof coin is the most obvious choice. Aha, but that’s the problem! If everyone buys the proof, and no one buys the uncirculated, guess which one will end up the winner in collectible value?

Comment here if you collect coins… are you going to buy this set? Proof or uncirculated?

Update (6/21/2007): Wow. The coins sold out in approximately 2 hours on the US Mint website. Crazy. I’ve written a post about it, the current prices on eBay, and some of the commentary about it.

Update (6/26/2007):  I’ve posted the planned launch dates for the next two First Spouse coins at the US Mint.  Mark your calendars!

The LinkedIn Blog: My First Post


I’ve mentioned the official LinkedIn blog here before.  Well, as of today, I now am one of the contributors to that blog as well.

Check out my first post.

Yes, I know that readers of this blog will recognize the joke about my Mom being on LinkedIn.  What can I say? I think it’s really interesting how excited she is about LinkedIn and connecting with all of her professional contacts.  In fact, last night, she was already explaining to me all the new features she wants for the site.

This is surprising to me, since even after 4 years at eBay, I was unable to ever get my Mom to successfully bid on an auction, or buy an item on eBay Express.  But LinkedIn for some reason has grabbed her, and I think that speaks to the power of connecting with people.

I really love the fact that LinkedIn has an official blog.  Now that I’ve been blogging here for almost a year, I really regret not having official blogs at eBay for the products and teams that I was responsible for.  It’s such a great way to tear down the walls that normally separate people creating products from the people using them.  It makes the web more human, and I think that type of open communication really benefits both the community using the product as well as those working tirelessly to improve it. 

In any case, I’ll now be posting from time to time on the official LinkedIn blog about new features or about new ways to use LinkedIn.  As always, I’ll be keeping this blog to primarily personal content.