US 24K Gold First Spouse Coins: Dates for Jefferson & Madison

Well, as you now know, the first two First Spouse coins for Martha Washington and Abigail Adams sold out in about 2 hours on the US Mint website.  The coins are now trading for between a 50-150% premium on eBay, and they haven’t even shipped yet.

So, the question you might be asking is:

What date is the US Mint releasing the next First Spouse coins?

I found the answers here, in this US Mint press release.   The dates are:

  • August 16th, Jefferson’s Liberty (he had no first spouse)
  • November 15th, Dolley Madison (not the baked goods)

Block off the dates.  I’m not sure at this point if the site will carry the coins at 9am EST or 12pm EST.  Hopefully, that will get announced ahead of time.