ZFS: The New Filesystem for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)

Just found this article on CNet:

Apple will include ZFS with Mac OS X Leopard, Sun confirms

First thought… Steve is going to be pissed. He hates leaks.

Now, some information. From the article:

ZFS, which (sort of) stands for Zettabyte File System and was originally developed by Sun, is a huge step forward from traditional file systems. It protects all files with 64-bit checksums to detect and fix data corruption and, as a 128-bit file system, can handle many orders of magnitude more space than current versions of Microsoft Windows, OS X, or Linux. (There is a movement afoot to port ZFS to Linux but it’s complicated by restrictions in the GNU General Public License.)

One of the biggest changes ZFS offers is what’s known as a pooled storage model. What that means is that physical drives become even more removed from logical volumes, and getting more free space simply means plugging in more drives. The file system takes care of the rest for you.

Not that we were hitting the limit on 64-bit filesystems, but it’s worth noting that ZFS is a 128-bit filesystem. It’s always nice to have a filesystem that can support more files than there are atoms in the universe. I like this post entitled 128-bit storage: are you high on the Sun blogs.

Here are 10 reasons to reformat your hard drive to ZFS.

Can’t wait for Leopard… should be more news available soon coming out of WWDC 2007.

Update (6/11/2007):  First Apple said no, now they say they will include ZFS, but only as a read-only file system in Leopard.  Lame.