The LinkedIn Blog: My First Post


I’ve mentioned the official LinkedIn blog here before.  Well, as of today, I now am one of the contributors to that blog as well.

Check out my first post.

Yes, I know that readers of this blog will recognize the joke about my Mom being on LinkedIn.  What can I say? I think it’s really interesting how excited she is about LinkedIn and connecting with all of her professional contacts.  In fact, last night, she was already explaining to me all the new features she wants for the site.

This is surprising to me, since even after 4 years at eBay, I was unable to ever get my Mom to successfully bid on an auction, or buy an item on eBay Express.  But LinkedIn for some reason has grabbed her, and I think that speaks to the power of connecting with people.

I really love the fact that LinkedIn has an official blog.  Now that I’ve been blogging here for almost a year, I really regret not having official blogs at eBay for the products and teams that I was responsible for.  It’s such a great way to tear down the walls that normally separate people creating products from the people using them.  It makes the web more human, and I think that type of open communication really benefits both the community using the product as well as those working tirelessly to improve it. 

In any case, I’ll now be posting from time to time on the official LinkedIn blog about new features or about new ways to use LinkedIn.  As always, I’ll be keeping this blog to primarily personal content.

2 thoughts on “The LinkedIn Blog: My First Post

  1. I think that number f features which could be added to linked in is virtually endless.
    You guys need to focus on API to provide ability to implement social nework ideas for others using your users.

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